hi, we’re gray!

If you landed here, chances are you’ve seen them somewhere: Hims’ hair loss supplements for men, Nurx’s birth control services, Quip’s sleek toothbrushes. Consumer health companies are popping left and right in categories from prescription pills to infant formula and anything in between. And with good reason, consumers everywhere are demanding speed, experience, and a connection with their health care providers and products. It’s a trend that is here to stay, which is where we come in.

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Before we move on, let’s address the elephant in the room real quick: why “gray”? It’s a little nod to one of medicine’s most famous (we’d like to think!) creatives, Dr. Henry Gray. It’s thanks to his important first illustrations in Gray’s Anatomy that medicine and health care’s way was paved. This same creativity, imagination and innovation in the health world is what we are celebrating here on hi gray. (Fun fact, many direct to consumers use “hi” in their messaging to create a bond.)

You can look forward to hi gray releasing an exclusive Q&A special with founders/business leaders of consumer health startups that should be on your radar. We’ll talk idea conception, trends, and the impact of current events in their space. We promise, if you are a new health enthuse (or heck, if you’re a person who likes to stay on top of their health) hi gray will not disappoint you. Oh, and did we say it is FREE? So what are you waiting for!

Also, we don’t just make newsletters, no, our greater goal is to give you — entrepreneurs, leaders and health care professionals in the consumer health/tech space — a space to collaborate on. Visit higray.com for more on that.

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